Measuring performance in digital transformation

Measuring performance in digital transformation Introduction It isn’t easy to measure performance in digital transformation or gauge how well you’re progressing towards your goals. You can’t just rely on tools like ROI to get you the data you need or even your gut feelings about how well things are going. Instead, you have to create…

Welcome to the era of Digital Transformation, a technological revolution that’s rapidly changing the face of businesses, organizations, and start-ups. This is not some short-lived tech trend or an overhyped buzzword, Digital Transformation is an absolute necessity that encapsulates the vision of reshaping businesses through the effective deployment of digital technologies.

In its most simplistic form, Digital Transformation represents the profound transformation of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to leverage the changes and opportunities offered by digital technologies and their pervasive impact on our society.

However, such transformation is not just about digitisation or converting analogue information to digital, it’s about optimising your business to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital-first landscape. By harnessing the power of technologies like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, social media, and mobile technology, businesses can improve their agility and customer centricity to compete better in the digital age.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on digital transformation technologies is projected to reach $2.3 trillion in 2023. Interestingly, companies that have undergone digital transformation have reported an increase in profitability that’s almost twice as high as companies who have not.

Trends in this area are ever evolving, from the focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the surge in demand for Internet of Things applications. Today, businesses focus on creating a seamless digital customer journey, improving operational efficiency using technology, and making data-driven decisions.

Digital transformation can be a daunting topic, especially for those making their first foray into this realm. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how’ businesses should commence their digital transformation journey. It’s crucial for businesses to partner with a company that understands their unique needs, opportunities and desired outcomes; someone that does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions but can deliver bespoke software, app, and web development services.

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